2015-16 Undergraduate Student Awards

Students, parents, and faculty gathered to celebrate the achievements of EECS students who earned a special award for academic achievement, research, service, or entrepreneurial activities.

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Students, parents, and faculty gathered on Friday, March 11, 2016 to celebrate the achievements of EECS students who earned a special award for academic achievement, research, service, or entrepreneurial activities. Khalil Najafi, Chair for Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Marios Papaefthymiou, Chair for Computer Science and Engineering, presented the awards. Photos from the event are available here.

College of Engineering Awards

Distinguished Academic Achievement Award
Presented to an outstanding student from each program offered within the College of Engineering. Students are selected by each department on the basis of academic and personal excellence.

Lauren BilboElectrical Engineering
Genevieve FlaspohlerComputer Engineering
Matthew GrossmanComputer Science

Distinguished Leadership Award
Presented to undergraduate and graduate students of the College of Engineering who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and service to the College, University, and community.

Olena HuangElectrical Engineering
Breoshshala MartinComputer Engineering
Neal ParikhComputer Science

Arlen R. Hellwarth Award 
Presented to an undergraduate student leader who has made valuable contributions to the College, University and/or community.

Alexandria StrotherElectrical Engineering

Cooley Writing Prize 
Awarded to an undergraduate engineering student to explore non-technical fields to develop, broaden, and enrich his or her education.

Andong Luis Li ZhaoComputer Science

Epeians Emerging Leadership Prize
Aawarded to a second year undergraduate student who has made valuable contributions to the College of Engineering community.

Aiden ConnollyElectrical Engineering

Henry Ford II Prize
Presented to an outstanding junior who has demonstrated academic excellence.

Maxwell LiElectrical Engineering

Hugh G. Rumler Prize
Presented to an outstanding senior on the basis of sincerity, integrity, and goodwill.

Alexandria StrotherElectrical Engineering

EECS Awards

Outstanding Achievement Award
Presented to an outstanding senior student from each of the three programs of study (EE, CE, and CS) in EECS. Students are selected on the basis of outstanding overall academic and personal excellence.

Jiannan HuangElectrical Engineering
Benjamin KatzComputer Science
Clark ZhangComputer Engineering

William L. Everitt Student Award of Excellence
Presented to a top student from each of the three programs of study (EE, CE, and CS). These students are in the top 10% of their class and have an interest in communications and computers, as well as professional interests and activities.

Leah Bar-On SimmonsComputer Science
Genevieve FlaspohlerComputer Engineering
Andrew WagenmakerElectrical Engineering
Stephen Zhu,Computer Science

Outstanding Research Award
Given to students who completed an outstanding research project with a faculty member or graduate student over and above the requirements of a course or an independent project.

Neal JacksonComputer Engineering
Austin RovinskiElectrical Engineering
Max SmithComputer Science

Outstanding Service Award 
Presented to students who have shown exceptional leadership in their student organizations, service to the University, College, or Department, or service to the community.

Kyle HarmanElectrical Engineering
Maia HobermanComputer Science
Breoshshala MartinComputer Engineering

William Harvey Seeley Prize
Presented to an electrical engineering student who stands first in his/her class at the completion of the freshman year.

Deondre DavisElectrical Engineering
Michael ToenniesElectrical Engineering

Richard K. Brown Memorial Scholarship
Presented to an electrical engineering student with an interest in acoustics or amateur (ham) radio.

James ChapmanElectrical Engineering

Presented to a top student from each of the three programs of study (EE, CE, and CS) who exemplifies a partnership between engineering and business through involvement in or startup of a private business, patents, or partnerships with corporations, furthering their field of knowledge or interest.

Maxwell LiElectrical Engineering
Colin SzechyComputer Engineering
Eric YuComputer Science

EECS Scholars
Given to EECS Seniors (85 credits and above) who have been at U-M at least two full semesters and have a cumulative 3.9 GPA or greater as of Fall 2015.

Shahid Ahmad (CS)
Amir Alavi (CS)
Jovan Attisha (CE)
Aaron Barber (CS)
Leah Bar-On Simmons (CS)
Lauren Bilbo (EE)
Gideon Billings (EE)
Ian Blaauw (CS)
Jocelyn Bohr (CS)
Dmitry Bondarenko (CE)
Jacob Botimer (EE)
Jonathan Brelje (CS)
Alexander Brusher (CS)
Nicholas Bush (CS)
Qizhe Cai (CS)
Spencer Carmichael (EE)
Lily Chen (CS)
Nicholas Cook (CS)
Anna Dai (CS)
Maureen Daum (CS)
Eric Edmond (CS)
Madeline Endres (CS)
Nicholas Fava (EE)
Curtis Fenner (CS)
Nathan Fenner (CS)
Genevieve Flaspohler (CE)
Gabrielle Gaeta (CS)
Diana Gage (CS)
Shamik Ganguly (CE)
Kevin Glancy (EE)
Todd Goodall (CS)
Rashmika Goswami (CS)
Nicholas Grifka (CS)
Derek Guo (EE)
Kyle Harman (EE)
Rahul Hingorani (EE)
Conrad Holtsclaw (CS)
Jiannan Huang (EE)
Jian Huang (CS)
Olena Huang (CS)
Eric Hwang (CS)
Ran Jia (EE)
Youssef Katamish (CS)
Benjamin Katz (CS)
Ryan Kelly (CS)
Saad Khatri (EE)
Jack Kosaian (CS)
Margo Leibold (CS)
Matthew Leibold (CS)
Maxwell Li (EE)
Cameron Lindsay (EE)
Alice Liu (EE)
Sihang Liu (CE)
Yanqi Liu (CE)
Duane London (EE)
Ren Lu (CS)
Yixin Ma (EE)
Brian Ma (CS)
Connor Mackey (EE)
Timothy Macpherson (CE)
Sahil Madeka (CS)
Alex Mang (CS)
Andrew Marino (CS)
Ian McGraw (CS)
Nicholas McLaughlin (CS)
Ian Meintjes (CS)
Ryan Meredith (EE)
Jason Millen (CS)
Justin Millman (CS)
Abhimanyu Muchhal (CS)
Jay Mulani (CE)
Kevin Ni (CS)
Ning Niu (CS)
Cory Odell (CS)
Adrian Padin (CE)
Nitish Paradkar (CE)
Sharvil Patel (CE)
John Payne (CS)
Cheng Perng Phoo (CS)
Raghav Prabhu (CS)
Nitin Ram (CS)
Kishore Rao (EE)
Pearce Reickert (CE)
Joseph Richey (CS)
Alexander Roberts (CS)
Michael Roberts (CS)
Dean Robinson (CS)
Tara Safavi (CS)
Aman Sharma (CS)
Nicholas Skinsacos (CS)
Joel Sharin (CS)
Tanvir Singh (CS)
Daniel Snyder (CE)
Richmond Starbuck (CS)
Pascal Sturmfels (CS)
Haitian Sun (CS)
Chen Sun (EE)
Xun Sun (EE)
Sayyid Sofwan Syed Ahmad Helmi (CE)
Bruce Szudera Wienand (CS)
Dengwang Tang (CE)
Nicholas Terrell (CS)
Kegan Th orrez (CS)
Wenching Tsai (CE)
Siddharth Venkatesan (CE)
Davis Vorva (CS)
Andrew Wagenmaker (EE)
Henry Wang (CE)
Jiaxuan Wang (CS)
Kaiwei Wang (CS)
Kangxu Wang (CS)
Yingfei Wang (CE)
Yunqi Wang (CS)
Zach Weglarz (CS)
Jacob Winick (EE)
Karl Winsor (CS)
Daniel Woodworth (CS)
Rachel Xiang (CS)
Chuxuan Xiong (CS)
Marion Xu (CS)
Alex Ying (EE)
Zangnan Yu (CS)
Luyao Yuan (CS)
Clark Zhang (CE)
Lihu Zhang (CS)
Yuening Zhang (CE)
Yisha Zhao (CS)
Alan Zhen (CE)
Rui Zhou (EE)
Tianhao Zhou (CE)

SURE Awards

These awards provided funding for students to work with faculty members on research projects of mutual interest. Following is a list of projects and participants.

Active Learning and Crowdsourcing Interface

Student Name: Ruizhi Deng
Student Name: Xianzhi Ruan
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Barzan Mozafari

Aircraft Electric Power System Testbed for Validating Distributed Controllers

Student Name: Yixin Ma
Student Name: Stanley Smith
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Necmiye Ozay

Android App of Browser Add-on to Automatically Discover User Recommendation

Student Name: Han Zhang
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Harsha Madhyastha

Approximate Computing

Student Name: Nicola Malloy
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Valeria Bertacco

Broadband Wireless Power Scavenging Systems for Battery-Lens Sensors

Student Name: Douglas Krusell
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Amir Mortazawi

Computational Strategic Reasoning

Student Name: Varsha Tirukonda
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Michael Wellman

Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Student Name: Yixin Jin
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Jia Deng

Deep Visual Analogy-Making

Student Name: Yi Zhang
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Honglak Lee


Name: Maxwell Morrison
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Stéphane Lafortune

Flat, Ultra-Thin Optics

Student Name: Arun Nagpal
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Anthony Grbic

General Purpose GPA Exploration

Student Name: Gabriel Dodge
Student Name: Sihang Liu
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Valeria Bertacco

Mining Big Visual Data

Student Name: Jiaxuan Wang
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Jia Deng

Modeling Aspects of Social Contagion

Student Name: Rico Angell
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Grant Schoenebeck

Robot Vision for Small-Object Manipulation

Student Name: Sajan Patel
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Jason Corso

Smart, Programmable Memory Controllers

Student Name: Byungcheon Ko
Student Name: Yuhao Li
Student Name: Tao Yang
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Todd Austin

Spectrum Market Analyzer Tool

Student Name: Dengwang Tang
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Vijay Subramanian

Statistical Investigation of Cancer Stem Cell Development Using Single Cell Microfluids

Student Name: Yi Luan
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Euisik Yoon

Test Bed Fabrication

Student Name: Shuvro Guha
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Becky Peterson

Texture Classification with Texture Similarity Metric

Student Name: Jie Song
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: David Neuhoff

Theory of Quantum Information Processing

Student Name: Ben Brady
Student Name: Quincy Davenport
Student Name: Buting Ma
Student Name: Aman Sharma
Student Name: Jie Wang
Student Name: Karl Winsor
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Yaoyun Shi

Ultra-Low Power Circuit Design for Millimeter Sized Sensor Nodes

Student Name: Xun Sun
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: David Blaauw